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The Demise of MQM (Haqiqi)?

Posted in Domestic Affairs by onpakistan on June 8, 2009

On hearing news of a spate of targetted killings of MQM Haqiqi ‘workers’, I wonder: is MQM Haqiqi still a significant force in Karachi? If so, who or what sustains them, and why? Are these killings a sign of Haqiqi’s recently declined or declining power (e.g. a temporary MQM and ANP rapprochement) or its increasing assertiveness? Are these killing perhaps a manifestation of a general turn against the Pakistani Taliban (recall that Haqiqi was closely allied to the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (now Millat-e-Islamia Pakistan) in the 90s)?

Blog discussions imply these killings are a sign of Haqiqi’s weakness and perhaps ultimate demise. They may be a prelude to a bigger power struggle within Haqiqi following the imminent release of jailed Haqiqi leaders Afaq Ahmed and Amir Khan. Haqiqi is increasingly polarising around these two, with Amir Khan’s fraction, in particular, tilting towards Altaf’s MQM. On the other hand, there had been talk of possible reconciliation between the two Haqiqi factions, with support from Imran Khan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf. MQM (Haqiqi) General Secretary Shimshad Ghuri made a rather intriguing statement the other day, noting that “every year as the month of June starts, which is the foundation month of MQM-Haqiqi, rival gangs start targeting and killing their workers to instil fear among them”.

PS: A potted history of the politics surrounding Haqiqi (dated March 2009) can be found here.

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  1. amir said, on June 25, 2009 at 1:56 am

    I thing till now haqiqi couldn’t acheive anything, there party stablished by stablishment to crush Mutheda, for little time they were scucessfull, but as everyone know, mqm is one men show, Altaf Hussain and people of karach and other urban cities of the sind, they love their Altaf Bhai. Right or wrong Altaf and Mutheda is a fact if people like Imran Khan like to deney them, too bad. Benazir tried with the help of her ex interior minister Rtd Gernal Babbar. Nawaz Sharif also did his best but the popularity of the Muthehada is still going up specially with the good work of Karachi Nazim Kamal Mutafa. I think its good for the people of the Karachi if Mutehada and Haqiqi sit together and Haqiqi join Mutehada. Because Amir Khan is and other leaders of the Haqiqi are good people after all and at the begening of mqm they did alot for urdu speaking people.

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