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How do Salafi groups worldwide view the Pakistani Taliban?

Posted in Domestic Affairs, Worldwide by onpakistan on June 11, 2009

Salafi-ite Ideology, as applied to Pakistan and the current military situation. Courtesy of a senior member of British Islamicist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir (Read the full article here):

“By establishing an Islamic system in Pakistan and with the incorporation of Afghanistan, the door is further left open for other Muslim countries to be incorporated into this expanding Islamic state. The likes of the Central Asian states, with their colossal resources and bubbling Islamic sentiment and desire in their people, will make for ideal new additions in this twenty first century Khilafah that will bind these Islamic lands together into one political, economic and military block….Under a Khilafah, Pakistan’s economy will be completely transformed. From the outset, the state will seek to invest heavily in the country’s transport, utility, medical, educational and military infrastructure. In doing so jobs on masse will be provided to the nation’s burgeoning young population and business activity will soar in such an environment. The uncountable number of crippling taxes in the country will be removed and replaced with just a core handful that would be applicable only to the rich. Inflation will be effectively nullified with the removal of the current fiat currency system and with an introduction instead of a currency based on the gold/silver bimetallic standard.”

In Salafi-ite thinking (or certainly this brand of it), the current Pakistani military action is targeted at the current populations of the Swat region, and is part of a broader American plan to “eventually carve up Pakistan into smaller, weaker and hence more manageable states”. See this.

International Salafi-ite groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir have, as we would expect, great sympathy for the Pakistani (so-called) Taliban, though I am yet to come across a detailed and cogent salafi-ite position on the Pakistani Taliban and their take-over in Swat and FATA. Understanding this salafi-ite position (or positions, as different groups may actually have wildly differing views of the current situation in FATA/Swat) could help us understand the international ideological appeal of the Pakistani Taliban.

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  1. Abdullah said, on June 11, 2009 at 9:02 am

    HT is agaisnt both Army and taliban who are fighting in Pakistani Tribal areas. As muslims killing muslims is haram in islam. And on top of that this war in pakistan is only for America’s interests which are:
    1) Weaking resistance in Afghanistan as most of the fighters come from pakistani areas( pakistan have double pashtun population that Afghanistan)
    2) Desintegration of Pakistan
    3) False representation of Islam both from Taliban side and Government side.
    4) getting rid of paki nukes.


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