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Posted in Domestic Affairs by onpakistan on November 15, 2009

There are many maps of Pakistan on the web. Here are a few of the more interesting one:

1. This map from the Columbia University website depicts ethnicities in a misleadingly simplified manner. Mohajirs are just some of the ethnicities completely missing! This is a much more sophisticated attempt, including some (perhaps misleading) sense of population density.

2. This map, also from a Columbia University website, gives a wonderfully clear depiction of administrative districts, but it may be out of date.

3. This important map from the Dawn newspaper website shows political party capture of National Assembly seats in the February 2008 election.

4. This is an unusually detailed relief map scanned from an atlas. Unfortunately it does not cover all of Pakistan nor Afghanistan.

5. This is an immensely detailed map which attempts to depict linguistic variations across Pakistan, and combine them with population density.

6. This shows religious variations across Pakistan, combined once again with population density.

7. This rather usefully depicts dams and other irrigation works in Pakistan. Unfortunately there is no sense of which features have been picked for depiction, and not all are labelled. A depiction of works in India would also have been useful.

8. This is a ‘gridded population cartogram’ from a British cartography project. Provincial land area is distorted to reflected relative population/population density.

Edit 22 December 2009:

9. This map shows Pakistan’s ‘National Highways’ and ‘Strategic Roads’ in excellent detail. It is well annotated. An alternative less detailed map can be found here.

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