Eye on Pakistan

What Israel Thinks of Pakistan

Posted in Worldwide by onpakistan on December 25, 2009

To understand how Israel sees Pakistan, look at the way Pakistan is referred to in Israeli press articles on Palestinians. In this Israeli’s eyes, the current military offensive in the NWFP, and extremist bombings, are reduced to a war between “Muslim secularists and religious extremists, in which the latter seem to be winning”. “Democracy” versus “jihadism”. He warns:

Without an institutional structure and cultural environment that condemns terrorism, violence and incitement a Palestinian state will become the new Pakistan, and just as dangerous… One Pakistan is enough; the world hardly needs another in Palestine.

This Israeli view of Pakistan is probably close too (yet different I am sure) from the dominant American view of Pakistan. The irony is that many Indian Muslims struggled for a nation-state of their own, independent of India. I think Palestinians would be overjoyed to achieve a similar independence from Israel (though without the bloodshed of partition and subsequent military dictatorships etc.).

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