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Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s Interview on TV

Posted in Domestic Affairs, Foreign Affairs by onpakistan on June 12, 2009

Air Marshal Asghar Khan has recently given a wide-ranging interview to the Express News programme Front Line. Although the interviewer Kamran Shahid’s behaviour is atrociously aggresive and clumsy, Asghar Khan is nevertheless able to give his personal thoughts and experiences of/on Yahya Khan, Z.A. Bhutto, Bangladeshi independence, Pakistan’s atomic bomb, Zardari’s premiership, and lastly the death of his son Omar Asghar Khan. I would imagine that most Pakistani viewers would have been shocked to hear that Pakistan started all its wars with India (and not the other way around).

He has published several works based on his experiences, for example My Political Struggle. For an excerpt from We’ve Learnt Nothing from History see this, and for a book review, this.

For more on Air Marshal Asghar Khan see his wikipedia entry, and this.

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