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Pakistani Government Denies Visa to Leading Indian Kashmiri Politician

Posted in Foreign Affairs by onpakistan on December 21, 2009

You wouldn’t hear about this in the Pakistani press or from Pakistani bloggers. So here it is:

Mehbooba Mufti, leader of the People’s Democratic Party, has had to cancel her participation in a conference here after she was unable to obtain a visa to travel to Pakistan. The organisers of the “South Asia 2060” conference, the Islamabad-based Sustainable Development Policy Initiatives, said Ms. Mehbooba had applied for the visa only four days ago and her papers could not be processed in time for her departure. However, the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi was able to process a visa for the former Jammu University Vice-Chancellor Amitabh Mattoo, another participant at the same conference. He applied at the same time as the Kashmiri leader. A group of 20 other Indians is also participating in the two-day conference.

She, supposidly, is a Pakistani-favoured politician. So why the rejection? Some speculation in the rest of the article, here.

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Maps of India and Pakistan

Posted in Foreign Affairs by onpakistan on November 15, 2009

Le Monde Diplomatique has some interesting (downloadable) maps of India and Pakistan. They are highly interpretative, and I do not agree with much of their depiction of India and surrounding countries. Nevertheless they stand out somewhat from the usual maps of this kind.

This one seeks to depict the Indian army’s commitments in India, and interesting includes Pakistan. It leaves the viewer with a sense that Pakistan is unstable, and that this is a threat to India, and thus something the India army needs to respond too.

This one gives a sense of both India’s military and imperial reach, as well as a sense that the U.S. and Chinese militarily encircle and so threaten it. Interesting there is no depiction of the reach of India’s ballistic missile program. The creators of the map have chosen to emphasize its ability to strike certain countries (e.g. Israel, Iran, Somalia), but the choice is bizarre. Why would India want to ‘militarity intervene’ in Israel, and not, for example, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh?

Here are two more, one depicting disputed territories between India and Pakistan and India and China, and the other the Line of Control (with French spelling!)


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